Aug 02, 2023

Sur La Table Has an Amazon Storefront—Shop 9 Editor

From Le Creuset, to OXO, Breville, and more.

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Food & Wine / Sur La Table

When I was little, one of my favorite things to do was walk around the Sur La Table store in my hometown. In fact, I'd beg my mom to take me if we were nearby. There was something so exciting and inspiring about seeing shelves lined up with so many beautiful products. To this day, I still love wandering through any Sur La Table I can find.

But, if we’re being fully honest, I’m a way lazier version of my 10-year-old self. So the fact that I can now scan the shelves of Sur La Table online at Amazon, and have it sent to me immediately is a dream come true. That's right: You can now shop a brand new Sur La Table storefront on Amazon. And in classic Amazon fashion, same-day delivery and in store pickup is available in select locations. That's all I needed to hear to start shopping again, but maybe you need a little more encouragement. I’ve rounded up nine of my top picks from the storefront below, starting at just $12.


To buy: $180 at

I can never have too much Le Creuset in my life. My Dutch oven is one of the most cherished pieces I own. I have the 5.5-quart, but have been considering splurging on a new piece that’s smaller, as I believe it will be better for making pasta dishes, like my favorite pasta alla vodka. This 2.75-quart option was tucked right into Sur La Table’s storefront, and it immediately caught my eye. It’s the perfect shallow depth for emulsifying pasta in its sauce and smaller than my regular Dutch oven. But I’ll still get all the perks: It’s oven- and stovetop-safe, it has an enamel coating for easy cooking and cleaning, and last but not least, it has a tight-fitting lid.


To buy: $28 at

Vanilla is as important to me as salt is when it comes to baking. I typically own vanilla in each form: extract, paste, and pods. But, I don’t have vanilla powder, so when I saw this I added it to my cart straight away. The powder can be added to virtually anything, whereas I tend to save the paste for non-baked goods, and the extract for baked goods. Because it’s in powder form, it’s alcohol-free, so it’s a great option to have on hand when I bake for others that can’t consume alcohol. I plan to add it to cakes, crumbles, and use it as a finishing powder on lattes.


To buy: $12 at

I will talk your head off about pasta bowls — they’re a very important part of my dinnerware collection because of how versatile they are. I currently have about 10 different options in all shapes and sizes, but I don’t own a straight-up porcelain pasta bowl quite yet. I like the look and shape of this one from Sur La Table because it has a nice depth and roundness, perfect for my saucier pastas. At $12, I’m happy to pick up a few to add to my collection.


To buy: $400 (originally $500) at

If I were to ever buy a toaster oven, it would be this Breville one (which also happens to be a Food & Wine favorite). It’s a hybrid between a toaster oven and an air fryer, and it’s currently sitting on my wishlist. It’s perfect for apartment dwellers in my opinion because of how compact (it measures 17.5- by- 21.5- by- 12.7-inches) and how versatile (it has 13 pre-programmed settings) it is. I can essentially make an entire feast in it without needing to heat up my whole kitchen, and use it to make lightwork of weeknight dinners, too.


To buy: $16 (originally $27) at

I don't mind dicing onions or slicing carrots, but if there's one task I despise, it's julienning ingredients. I’ve julienned far too many carrots and cucumbers for salads and stir-frys, and quite frankly I’m tired of it. This nifty peeler is something I’m hoping will make my least favorite knife cut much more tolerable. It’s durable since it’s made with stainless steel and it has serrated teeth that supposedly glide through vegetables with ease. It sounds almost too good to be true, but for $16, I’m willing to take the chance.


To buy: $75 (originally $90) at

I’ve been lusting over this Emile Henry casserole dish for years. I love how simple it looks, but it would still add an element of style to some of my famous lasagna and eggplant parmesan. Not only that, but it’s made with stoneware, which will really help brown and bake foods evenly and consistently. Not only is it safe for the microwave and broiler, but it’s oven-safe up to 500°F as well.


To buy: $46 at

My mandoline slicer (which is also from OXO) has really seen some better days. I dropped it three separate times this summer, and in the last instance it actually flew halfway across the kitchen. One day, I’m going to officially give in, and get a replacement. I’ve never been so tempted as I am now, seeing the upgrade model from the brand. I like that this model stands by itself, so you don’t have to hold and balance it as you slice. It has a nice surface area (6-inches) with a variety of blades and thickness for customizing cuts.


To buy: $22 at

These cocottes are so alluring to me: I can’t stop thinking about the little mini cobblers and crumbles I’ll have in my future once I finally add them to my kitchen. This cocotte is made with the brand’s stoneware, which can be put into the freezer, broiler, and is oven-safe up to 500°F. Now I’m thinking about summer ice cream sundaes, fall pumpkin souffles, baked individual mac and cheeses instead of what’s for lunch today. This kind of piece will do that to you, I suppose.


To buy: $55 at

I’m working on outfitting my own collection of reusable containers, and the Pop containers from OXO are a pantry essential if you love organizing. They’re slim since the lid doesn’t have any tabs — you just use the button on top to release the airtight seal. They’re also rectangular so they’ll fit into corners easily. This set has five pieces total: a 2.1-container, a 1.5-quart container, two 0.9-quart containers, and a 0.3-quart container to round out the collection.

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