Jun 27, 2023

Shopping for a new grill? Here's what to consider

Choosing a new grill isn’t as simple as purchasing the first product you see at the local big box store.

Ease of use, grill longevity and type of meat desired all play a role.

Joey Mills, plant manager for Middle Tennessee grill manufacturer Onward, talked about the variables to consider.

In addition to the obvious budget considerations, the amount of available space and number of people regularly served are good starting points.

Next, Mills said, think about the easier use and time savings from a gas grill compared to charcoal. And with proper design, he said, a gas grill can still produce the smoky flavor some people prefer from charcoal.

Next, there’s the grill materials and coatings which “are paramount to a grill’s longevity to prevent corrosion,” Mills said.

“Stainless steel, powder-coated paint and porcelain coating are the best materials and coatings for your grill, and they look nice,” Mills said.

He said there’s also numerous new grilling innovations to consider.

“Digital controllers that Bluetooth to your phone are one of the neatest,” Mills said. “Simply sync to your smartphone and you have full control of your grill from anywhere in your house.”

Pellet smokers are also improving, he said.

"(Pellet smokers) tech is growing and becoming more user-friendly,” Mills said. “Simply fill the hopper with pellets, turn on the digital controller to desired temp and you're good to smoke brisket, ribs or whatever low-and-slow barbecue you want.”

However, if you want to do both gas and the more traditional charcoal, dual grills are also available that allow users to “get the best of both worlds,” Mills said.