Jun 08, 2023

OptiFlex® Pro CF

The OptiFlex Pro CF is designed for maximum industrial suitability due to its robust design. ©Gema

Do you want to coat small batches or samples? Your solution is the OptiFlex Pro CF with funnel cup. The unit is based on the proven OptiFlex Pro technology and is designed for maximum industrial suitability due to its robust design. Excellent application results and reproducible coatings are the result of perfect coordination between the three main components - OptiStar 4.0 gun control, OptiSelect® Pro manual gun and the fully integrated injector module. Thanks to quick tool-free disassembly and full visibility of the powder-transporting components, a high-quality color change is carried out in 20 seconds. It also integrates all other functions that characterize OptiStar 4.0 application controls. For example, the PCC mode for high-quality coating tasks, DVC for precise powder conveying and networking with Industry 4.0 functions via the E-App are integrated ex works. Powder manufacturers, who have already tested the OptiFlex Pro CF with a wide range of organic powders, are enthusiastic about the overall package. Especially the robustness of the components, the very fast and clean colour changes as well as the outstanding, repeatable coating quality was positively evaluated. "The application with the new device from Gema shows in our laboratory a significantly better surface distribution on the test plates. With the compact OptiFlex Pro CF, we achieve precise test results that correspond to the reality at the user", summarizes an internationally renowned powder manufacturer.

Author(s): Gema