Jun 22, 2023

Micro Dimple Process

Powder Bulk Solids Staff | Jan 24, 2023

Powder Show Booth 1551 – The Micro Dimple Process increases surface sliding and reduces clogging of powders. It is a surface treatment (not a coating) applied directly onto the bare surface of the components. There is no dimensional change after the process and there is nothing to peel off, so it won’t cause any contamination of products. Lab results prove the process even inhibits bacterial growth on the surface.

Industries served include food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical production lines, etc. Food applications include chutes, hoppers, guides, sieves, magnets, and more.

The micro dimple process helps reduce material waste and cleanup time, and production line costs are kept in check.

The company also provides WPC metal surface treatment to improve fatigue strength and oil retention of mechanical metal components, and deep cryogenic treatment to improve wear resistance of materials.”

WPC Treatment Company, Inc., Torrance, CA 310-782-8647

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Powder Show Booth 1551 –