Jul 15, 2023

Ironman 4x4 Premium bull bar for RAM 1500

One of the world’s leading bull bar manufacturers, Ironman 4x4, has designed the Premium bull bar to not only protect the front end from animal strikes but also offer mounting points for several accessories. Plus, it incorporates several safety features and helps to keep the engine cool.

The sleek design of the bull bar also blends functionality and strength, to create the ultimate front-end protection for the RAM DS 1500.

Ironman 4x4’s Premium series of bull bars are designed and manufactured to provide maximum safety for the occupants of the vehicle. The essential features include improved vehicle protection, improved approach angles and additional ground clearance.

The newly designed Premium bull bar has incorporated all of the RAM’s factory OEM safety features including parking sensors, blind spot monitoring and radars. Premium bull bars also include vehicle-specific parking sensor holders that allow simpler and faster installation.

When designing the Premium bull bar, Ironman 4x4 wanted to ensure the engine, transmission and front-mounted intercoolers remained cool, and the design of the large front mouth on the bull bar and the strategically placed centre grille will help with that.

The bull bar’s sleek design features streamlined hoops and a built-in mounting platform for driving lights, which adds style and functionality. The 76mm middle hoops and 60mm staggered outer hoops will complement the distinctive front-end design of the RAM DS 1500. The Premium bull bar includes LED fog lights and is powder-coated for longevity.

The bull bar also incorporates high-lift jacking points, and a winch box remote mounting plate and flip-up number plate bracket are also included, making it simple to install one of Ironman 4x4’s winches. When it comes to installation, no cutting is required.

The Premium bull bar weighs 103kg, but installation removes 32kg, so the total added weight is a respectable 71kg. The steel bar is 3mm thick, the steel cradle and chassis mounts are 4mm thick, the steel centre and side plates are 2mm thick, and the powder-coating is AkzoNobel in a satin black.

You can install either the 9500lb or 12,000lb Monster winch, but the Premium bull bar will only allow the synthetic rope. Rated recovery points and wiring looms for lighting are coming soon.

Premium bull bar: