Jul 09, 2023

Cleveland Music Co Introduces Midgeapocalypse Vintage Fuzz

The “Midge” is inspired by the legendary Shin-Ei FY-2 fuzz and sports a distinctive vintage voice and tonal enhancements.

The Midgeapocalypse is designed to serve up a faithful reproduction of the classic fuzz that has snarled and buzzed on recordings by The Black Keys, Radiohead, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and many more.

​And like all good fuzzes, the Midgeapocalypse is highly-interactive with your guitar’s volume and tone controls, extending your palette of sounds from transistor overdrive territory to raspy trumpet tones if you ever need that sort of thing.

In addition to these powerful new features, the Midgeapocalypse is built for the rigors of the road: itis housed in a rugged, powder-coated die-cast aluminum enclosure with space-saving top-mounted jacks, and is fitted with premium aluminum knobs and a soft-touch latching footswitch. The pedal is powered by a standard 9-volt external DC, and there is no battery compartment. Like all Cleveland Music Co. gear, it is built by hand in Cleveland, OH, using only the finest components from name-brand suppliers.

The Midgeapocalypse Vintage Fuzz carries an affordable street price of $149.

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