Jul 12, 2023

Amazon's Selling A Ton Of These Strange Things Because They're Actually So Freaking Genius


Clever solutions that are all less than $30.

Sometimes the best solutions are sometimes the strangest. Case in point? All the genius items on this list pair cult followings with high ratings and a twist on the usual. Better yet, everything is less than $30. Scroll on to find a collapsible popcorn maker, easy-clean silicone makeup brushes, and meat claws that make meal prep a snap. Like the thousands of reviewers raving about these clever items, you won’t know how you’ve lived without them.

Keep your skin soft and eliminate cracks and calluses with this set of four pairs of foot peel masks. They are made with a blend of fruit acids and extracts that slough away dead skin cells. They slide on like socks, so you can walk around your home while they work their magic.

As you get ready for your next trip, be sure to separate your clothes, accessories, and toiletries with this set of packing cubes. It comes with four different sizes and a laundry bag to give everything a designated home. The nylon is water resistant and made with mesh panels to allow your clothes to breathe. Plus, the smooth zippers won’t snag at any of your delicates as you shut each cube.

This face serum made with 72% organic ingredients contains vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and more. It’s designed to help fade sun damage, smooth the skin, and prevent acne in just three weeks. “The serum absorbs quickly into my skin and doesn't leave any greasy residue. I appreciate the pump dispenser, which makes it easy to control the amount of product I use. [...] I have sensitive skin, and I was pleased that this serum didn't cause any irritation or redness.,” wrote one shopper.

This knife sharpener will up your game in the kitchen and protect against dull knives, which can be dangerous. It has three slots so you can repair and straighten damaged blades, restore the V-shape, and polish — all in just a few seconds. And to keep your fingers safe, it comes with a cut-resistant glove.

These absorbent microfiber hair towels speed up the drying process so you can limit overusing your blowdryer or skip it altogether. Each of the two towels is a generous size that can easily be kept in place by using the back loop. One shopper wrote, “I have long, thick hair, and it all fits into the towel.”

This makeup brush cleaner comes with rubber collars in eight different sizes so that you can use it with nearly any tool. It takes less than a minute to both wash and dry your collection — just push the button and watch them spin in soapy water and lift to spin them dry.

This fine mist spray bottle is so versatile: Use it to apply hair products, care for plants, or hold homemade cleaning solutions. It has a continuous spray so you can evenly cover any area and it can be used from any angle — even upside down.

You’ll be able to easily grasp and shred pork, chicken, beef, and more with these meat claws. While the blades are sharp, the handles are roomy so you have plenty of knuckle space and comfortable control. Clean them in the top rack of your dishwasher.

With three interior compartments and a ton of exterior pockets, you’ll have more than enough room to fit your groceries, tools, and more in this trunk organizer. It has a waterproof lining so that no leaks or spills reach your car seats. Just clip it in with the adjustable straps and collapse it for easy storage when not in use — it can even be collapsed to half the size to fit smaller spots.

The exterior of these silicone oven mitts is tough enough to handle high heat, steam, and boiling liquid while the interior is lined with soft cotton so that you’re comfortable as you bake. They’re flexible you can choose from a 13.7- and 14.7-inch model in the listing, depending on your needs.

If you want a quick but non-permanent solution between dye jobs, this root concealer spray will have you covered, literally. It takes just seconds for the pigments to adhere to each strand and self-adjust for a natural finish. It won’t feel sticky or stiff and won’t rub off on clothing. It comes in several colors within the listing.

This ice roller aims to alleviate redness, reduce muscle stress, and smooth your skin. It’s a great tool to calm the skin after being in the sun or to prep it for your skincare or makeup. One fan wrote, “It lives up to the hype! Pop it in the freezer and just a gentle roll on my face and neck is so calming and cooling. It's been so humid, it's gross, and this brought me from cranky to chill in like a minute.”

To create your own healthy beverage, fill this 32-ounce fruit infuser water bottle with all your favorites and take it wherever you go (it fits in most car cup holders). It has a shatterproof construction and is equipped with a non-slip pad so you have a comfortable grip.

With this outlet extender, you’ll be able to consolidate your charging stations and minimize clutter around your home. It’s equipped with five three-prong outlets, three USB ports, and one USB-C port. You can feel safe plugging in all your devices thanks to its fireproof casing and surge protection.

Each one in this three-pack of cutting boards is super flexible so you can conveniently empty everything you’ve sliced and diced into a bowl without making a mess. They are color coded and designated for greens, fish, and meat. They’re dishwasher safe, too.

While the body of this eyelash curler is made of premium stainless steel, the pads are made of plush silicone that won’t pinch or tug your delicate lashes. The tool comes with two pad refills and a storage pouch to keep it clean while traveling.

Able to rotate 180 degrees and give you both 2X and 3X magnification, you’ll be able to get ready from every angle with this vanity mirror. It has a 36-bulb LED panel that can be controlled with a simple touch. One reviewer wrote, “The mirror is thin and chic. Turning the lighting to different levels is easy and nice. And best of all it comes with the USB port.”

Slip on these cut-resistant gloves before gardening or starting a DIY project. They’re made with an anti-slip nitrile coating that’s cut resistant and also a breathable fabric that keep your hands from becoming sweaty. One shopper wrote, “Mostly I use them for gardening, I love the coating on the palm of the glove. I can dig in the dirt and they keep my hands and nails clean. I use them [...] carry[ing] heavy objects, the coating on the palm gives me a really good grip. [...] The gloves give me a good grip on the rake handle.”

While the dead sea salt in this coffee body scrub helps exfoliate, the grape seed oil and shea butter helps moisturize so that you’re left with glowing skin. One reviewer wrote, “I love how little you have to use for this product to be effective. I use it before doing my fake tan and it goes a great job of exfoliating dead skin away. Leaves my skin super soft too.”

Made of non-toxic and extra-thick PEVA plastic, these reusable food storage bags can take the place of over 350 disposable bags. This 24-pack comes with three different sizes so that you can store everything from small nuts to large greens. They’re also safe to put in the freezer.

Heat-resistant up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit, this silicone strainer can handle anything you have cooking. It has strong clamps to attach to any pot and pan so you can drain water without moving your potatoes or pasta to a new container. And at just half the size of traditional colanders, it will free up storage space.

The pairs in this three pack of grip socks are helpful for barre, Pilates, yoga, and so many other workouts (or just walking on slick flooring). The PVC dots give you a sturdy grip while the cotton blend wicks away moisture so you can stay dry and comfortable as you break a sweat. They are available in various colors and multipacks in the listing.

With raised edges, this sponge holder keeps excess water from spilling out onto your counter. It’s also a soap dispenser so that you can pump out the perfect amount directly into the sponge each time and save space by eliminating the need to have a separate bottle. It holds 13 ounces and has a one-handed operation.

After your next backyard barbecue, use this grill brush to easily get rid of buildup. The brush can scrub the rods without scratching them and the built-in scraper can be used to remove stubborn burnt pieces. It’s extremely durable and will speed up the clean-up process.

Made of flexible, heat-resistant silicone, these oven rack shields are easy to pop onto each rack and can be trimmed for a precise fit. Use them in the oven, microwave, or air fryer to protect your hands and arms from burns. They’re also available in black in the listing.

This reusable lint roller quickly collects pet hair, lint, and dust without having to use messy sticky pads. It creates an electrostatic charge on furniture, carpets, and clothes without snagging any fabric. Empty it directly into the trash with the press of a button.

Made with high-quality synthetic bristles, this kabuki brush doesn’t absorb product so you waste less and are left with a more natural and streak-free finish. It’s also guaranteed not to shed whether you use it with liquid, cream, or powder makeup.

Thanks to its unique cone-shaped plastic bristles, this detangling brush gently separates tangles instead of pulling straight through them. This results in less damage and a quicker brushing session. It can also be used as a scalp massager to boost circulation and growth.

For the days when you want to snuggle up in bed and watch a marathon of your favorite show, this pillow tablet stand will let you do it with extra comfort. You can adjust between multiple angles and even fold it to turn it into a regular pillow for back support in a chair.

To split, pit, and cut all in one swoop, you need this avocado slicer. It has stainless steel blades and a non-slip handle that’s comfortable to hold. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe. One shopper wrote, “I especially love the seed extractor, it won't destroy the fruit and my hands won't get messy.”

Not only will these refrigerator organizer bins create a tidy look that is easier to navigate, but they’ll also keep your shelves squeaky clean by containing all spills within their shatterproof walls. This pack comes with eight pieces, all of which have built-in handles so that you can easily take them out.

With both a flat and spiked side, this meat tenderizer can be used to thin out pork chops or prep steaks, and it can also be used to crush nuts or other foods. Its non-slip handle will give you a comfortable grip no matter what you’re using it for.

It won’t be a struggle to set up this wireless charging pad somewhere you could always conveniently reach it thanks to its cord that’s over 3 feet long. It works with Apple, Samsung, and Pixel devices and provides surge protection and temperature control for them all.

While the silicone bristles on this scalp massager are gentle, they’re also effective at removing product buildup and boosting circulation to promote hair growth. Just a few minutes a day (on wet or dry hair) can end up making a huge difference.

Keep your nails clean and instead use these silicone brushes to apply your face masks and other skincare items that can sometimes be a hassle to wash off. The flexible material is easy to wipe clean and soft on the skin. “Very well made flexible end and easy to apply products to your face or remove from container,” wrote one shopper.

The unique shape and flexible material of this silicone popcorn popper is what enables it to evenly distribute heat so that every kernel is popped and not burnt. It can hold up to 15 cups so you won’t have to transfer into another bowl because it’s already shatterproof and safe to carry from the kitchen to the living room.

Formulated to reduce puffiness, these 24-karat gold eye masks are great to put on after a long night. They help smooth out unevenness by moisturizing the skin. And because the 20 sets come individually packed, they’re travel-friendly, too.

This fry and sauce holder seamlessly fits in your car’s cup holder so you can enjoy your snack hands-free. The sauce cup is removable and washable. One reviewer wrote, “Fits my holder in the car and means no mess of fries falling out or digging into a bag. It is good quality also.”

In order to finish your chapter without disrupting anyone around you, use one of these two rechargeable book lights. The lightweight devices can be clamped onto nearly anywhere (including your headboard) and have flexible goosenecks. They last over 30 hours per charge and you can even choose between three color modes (white, amber, and daylight).

Made with cold-pressed ingredients like milk and honey (and vitamins,) this cuticle oil will replenish and strengthen your nails, and moisturize your skin. One reviewer wrote, “I was using another kind from an expensive brand and wasn’t happy with the absorption. [...] The bottle is adorable and the dropper works great. It absorbs well and leaves your skin moisturized and not greasy.”

You can quickly wash and dry your greens by placing them in this 5-quart salad spinner and turning the knob. Any excess water can be drained through the top vent and the clear base can be used as a serving bowl when done. A 3-quart version is also available in the listing.

By maximizing air exposure, this wine aerator enhances the flavor and brings out the underlying aromas of any bottle. All you have to do is insert its silicone base and pour, while the elongated spout ensures no spills. One fan wrote, “Gives a great pour with NO drips or leaks. I had recently bought an expensive aerator that was a mess with leaks and drips which was soon thrown away This aerator is small and efficient.”

With a high-quality stainless steel blade, this pizza cutter will easily slice and dice your meal. It’s designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand so you can safely roll away. It has a protective guard built in to avoid accidents.

By locking this car phone mount in place in any air vent, you’ll gift yourself a hands-free (and safer) way to follow directions as you drive. It also only requires one hand to attach your phone and it rotates 360 degrees for a horizontal or vertical view of your screen.

Made with organic cotton and responsibly sourced beeswax, these food wraps can be reused time and time again. They’re better for the environment and your wallet since you won’t have to constantly repurchase plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Plus, your leftovers will be kept fresh for longer. The set comes with a small, medium, and large wrap to cover a variety of foods.

Veronika Kero